Kissan is the leading sauce and jam manufacturer brand in India from the house of Hindustan Unilever Limited. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup is one of its products. The natural flavour of the sauce makes the food tastier to eat. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup is available in the market and it is standard product from Kissan. The fresh tomato ketchup is available in the Indian supermarkets and in the online grocery stores. The pack comes in different sizes and they are very cost effective and it can be easily consumed by the common people. The main ingredients of the kissan fresh tomato ketchup are 28 % percent of tomato paste, sugar, salt, acidity regulator, 20 % of stabilizers - 1422 and 415, preservatives 211, onion powder, garlic powder, spices, and condiments. The size of the packs is 200 gm, 500 gm, and 1 kg and also comes with 15 gm pouch pack. The cost of the packs are rupees 28, rupees 74, and rupees 112 respectiveky. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup is recommended to keep in a cool dry place for better sustenance. Thus, Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup has great demand in the market.

Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup


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